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Real Estate Development

New Azadi
The New Azadi project (2009) is a prime example of our involvement within the housing sector. It is the first project to be developed on over 8 million sq/ft of prime land located just north of Erbil city. The project consists of over 2500 housing units in addition to commercial areas, schools, and a hotel while utilizing a completely modern infrastructure for the expanse of the project.

What separates New Azadi and maintains it as a landmark development is not only the quality of materials and construction techniques employed, but the unique services afforded to the residents, for example:

• Integrated drinking and waste water treatment plant
• Dedicated power generation plant and substation
• Full scale Facilities Management (FM) services (Q4 2012)

ATCONZ’s key to success lies in its comprehensive understanding of the surrounding culture’s attention to design and quality. This is easily demonstrated by the swift and complete sell out and handover of the New Azadi Phase 1 villas earlier this year.

We estimate the total turn-over of this project will lie in 4 phases, culminating in a total project value of USD $550 million. New Azadi Phase 2 villas are at the present period ~70% sold, with an expected handover date of Q1 2013.


Click here for a detailed video of our New Azadi housing development.