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About the Group

ATCONZ Group is a consortium formed to fulfill the established goals and visions of a grass roots, family oriented business over  three generation sold. Our company was born in the most humble of conditions by our grandfather establishing his textile factory in Baghdad in the year 1938. In the past 7 decades, the business has dramatically evolved to it’s present form which includes an even wider range of activities present throughout multinational companies in New Zealand, Iraq, and the UAE.
Inherent to our family business, the philosophy behind the values of the owners stands to be the most exacting ethical practices as to preserve the legacy and the name of our Family. 
Today, ATCONZ Group continues it’s involvement in a vast range of activities which include: investment, real estate development, the industrial sector, oil & gas, trading, construction contracting, and consultation. The Group operates by utilizing an extensively developed and proven modern management and operating system to the end of facilitating both horizontal and vertical expansion on a solid and reliable foundation. As such, ATCONZ Group has yielded an overtly high success rate based on high efficiency and solid financial capability coupled with a greater understanding of the modern era market demands for HSE and QA/QC in businesses. Henceforth,  ATCONZ Group has overcome any and all cultural barriers most businesses face when engaging in the Iraqi market.
Demonstrating a tenacious vision compounded by a relentlessly pioneering spirit, ATCONZ Group has greatly capitalized in emerging markets like Iraq. Consequnetly, ATCONZ Group has enacted plans to acquire the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems, ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental management systems, and ISO 18001:2007 OHSAS  to become one of a few or, most importantly, the only Iraqi company to acquire such numbers of certification all at once by the end of 2011.
We believe investments in management, operating systems, and ISO certifications will add significant value to our Group as a means to place us as the leader  in the Iraqi market valued in the multi-billions of dollars. Setting the ground work to achieve our short, medium, and long-term goals as well as the most considerable goal of all: the realization of our visions.
  Financial strength: 
ATCONZ’s concurrent business activities have reached $400 million whilst entirely forgoing any and all borrowing thanks to the smart management of financial matters and exceeding effort in carefully selecting potential projects. ATCONZ Group is currently cooperating  with internationally recognized Grand Thornton for financial auditing and advisory.
Organizational Structure:
Originating and continuing as a family business for the past 7 decades while being managed by expats who have lived most of their adult lives in free world countries, ATCONZ  has been formed by  an utterly successful  business model,  structuring the group by and operating as an efficient business unlike most of big organizations currently operating in the Iraqi market, all who follow  the centralized and antiquated “One Man Show” mentality of the past.
Operating and Management System:
ATCONZ has adopted an integrated Management System along with all the hardware and software requirements as to manage the group’s entire activities on all perspective levels .
The Management System allows us to run our operations and follow them with greater control and efficiency in a synergistic harmony with all of our clients and partners.
All ATCONZ Group employees referring to ON-line and OFF-line working forms and procedures in multi-level access platforms allow work to be performed in a perfect manner as per designated orders. This will allow us greater throughput as to perform cost and document control on any project within  the set QA/QC program and HSE guidelines.
HSE (Health-Safety-Environment):
ATCONZ Group is committed to improve the Health, Safety, and Environmental standards subject to the prevailing rules and regulations, organizational demands, client’s requirements and special orders from the UAE government. The primary concern of ATCONZ management is to consider the various consequences due to the injuries of individuals, their families, and the organization, in the sense that the only acceptable goal is to incure “Zero-Lost Time accidents”.  ATCONZ management strongly believes that the HSE procedurial manual and its guidlines are a helpful tool for all employees and sub-contractors of the organization to abide by in order to instill a responsibility for the ensuring of an accident free work environment.
All procedures in the HSE manual are developed to comply with the HSE requirements of clients on the basis of various organizational operations such as Life Line Safety, in house workshop activities, and the supply of critical equipment/products to the oil industry. This manual shall be updated periodically on the basis of recommendations from clients, employees of ATCONZ Group, and per any improvement to the existing system, procedures, and practices as are needed.
Controlled copies of this manual are distributed to all company Division Managers, Workshop Supervisors, HSEO/QMR and the CEO Office.
QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control):
One of ATCONZ Group’s primary goals is to continually improve our work practices. One of our most important tasks is to develop a comprehensive and unified approach to managing quality in work practices including methodological advances, improvements in documentation and clarity to facilitate transparency. 
ATCONZ Group frimly believes both Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) should be fully integrated into one comprehensive quality management system with full  assimilation into every step of the development process. Therefore undertaking checks at every stage of estimation and document development, involving the experts on an ongoing basis, maintaining an open and transparent inventory process, using multiple review processes, and providing for communication and feedback across the participants in the inventory are all part of this quality control and continual improvement. The document also contains information feedback loops as well as providing for corrective actions that are designed to improve the accuracy of the inventory estimates over time.
It should be noted that the ATCONZ QC/QA system has enlightenend our team’s account of national circumstances and theavailability of financial and human resources.
Furthermore, ATCONZ has always taken great pride in the fact that our processes are clearly defined and executed with precision, which can be clearly demonstrated by our pursuance to and satisfaction of:
  • ISO 9001:2008: Quality management system
  • ISO 14001: 2004: Environmental management systems
  • ISO 18001:2007: OHSAS


Currently under process:

  • ISO 28000:2007: Specification for Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain