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Welcome to Atconz

ATCONZ Group is a consortium formed to fulfil the established goals and visions of a grass roots, family oriented business over three generation old. Our company was born in the most humble of conditions by our grandfather establishing his textile factory in Baghdad in the year 1938. In the past 7 decades, the business has dramatically evolved to its present form which includes an even wider range of activities present throughout multinational companies in New Zealand, Iraq, and the UAE.

Inherent to our family business, the philosophy behind the values of the owners stands to be the most exacting ethical practices as to preserve the legacy and the name of our Family.
Today, ATCONZ Group continues its involvement in a range of activities which include: investment, real estate development, the industrial sector, oil & gas, Manufacturing , construction contracting.

The Group operates by utilizing an extensively developed and proven modern management and operating system to the end of facilitating both horizontal and vertical expansion on a solid and reliable foundation. As such, ATCONZ Group has yielded an overtly high success rate based on high efficiency and solid financial capability coupled with a greater understanding of the modern era market demands for HSE and QA/QC in businesses. Henceforth,  ATCONZ Group has overcome any and all cultural barriers most businesses face when engaging in the Iraqi market.

Demonstrating a tenacious vision compounded by a relentlessly pioneering spirit, ATCONZ Group has greatly capitalized in emerging markets like Iraq. Consequently, ATCONZ Group has acquired the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems, ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental management systems, and ISO 18001:2007 OHSAS  to become one of a few or, most importantly, the only Iraqi company acquired such numbers of certification all at once since 2011 todate.

Atconz in the


Watch these reports and interviews on CNN and BBC which give valuable insight on the regions’ growing markets in Northern Iraq, where it is and a forcast for the future.


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We estimate the total turn-over of New Azadi project will lie in 4 phases, each valued at $350 million. Some statistical numbers below:

of Sold-out Units
of Facility Management Done For Our Projects

ATCONZ’s key to success lies in it’s comprehensive understanding of the surrounding culture’s attention to design and quality. This is easily demonstrated by our extesnive client waiting lists, each individual hoping to procure a property in the Azadi project.

PIROZ Project

Piroz is a mixed-use development with hotel, food and beverage and office facilities and will be situated in the city of Erbil in Iraq. The developer ATCONZ RED worked with architects, Kettle Collective, who took inspiration for the hotel design from the surrounding area and it’s architectural past.

The hotel design is modelled heavily on the Ziggurat and when completed will have an excellent high quality finish ensuring satisfaction by users.

An adjacent food and beverage zone is anticipated to be popular as Erbil develops its offerings to suit incoming visitors and new expat residents. With the predicted influx of hotels and serviced apartments expected over the next few years, the competition is expected to increase.

An office tower, which will be situated on the site with access to the food and beverage zone will offer both short and long-term rental.

Lush landscaping and sufficient parking complete the self-contained, high quality and efficient development.

The Piroz Hotel is designed to be an exemplar of sustainable hospitality design in the region. It will be targeting LEED certification, with sustainable thinking influencing the project through design, construction and occupancy.

The Hotel part has been designed to meet the high standards of the operator (Starwood) and the developer signed a long term agreement with Starwood to operate the Hotel under the Elements  by Westin Brand (LEED) hotel. As for the Food and Beverage part, the investor will assign 5 units to internationally recognised franchises like Paul, Starbucks, Irish Pub/Bar. The offices will be operated by in-house team. ATCONZ have own Full Facility Management system and currently providing services for the new Azadi City, with 500 villas.

The design firm will provide full maintenance manuals and a full Preventative Maintenance Program and Scheduled Maintenance Program will be developed accordingly by ATCONZ FM Department.

Real Estate Sales / Rentals

Salim Shabo

IT- Internet

Twana Shamsaldin

Residential Security department

Yaqob Abdal

Facility Management -Services

Edwin Vallerian

Dubai Office

Ratheesh Nittur

General Inquiries / Industrial Division

Raad B. Hassan